How should I troubleshoot the failure of SBP equipment network distribution?

How should I troubleshoot the failure of SBP equipment network distribution?

If your device cannot be successfully connected to the APP, please check as follows:

1. Please confirm that your router is not a wireless router provided by the operator (this type of wireless router needs to take into account some functions of the operator, so the compatibility is poor, and our equipment cannot be added), please use such as ASUS, Netgear , TP-LinK and other brands of wireless routers;

2. Please make sure your router is a Wi-Fi 5 router, or turn off the Wi-Fi 6/802.11ax mode of the 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi in the Wi-Fi 6 router. Our devices cannot connect to Wi-Fi compliant with Wi-Fi 6;

3. Please confirm that the Wi-Fi password encryption method of your router is WAP2-PSK/WAP. Our device cannot resolve the encryption method of WAP2-CERT and WAP3, and the wireless mode cannot be 11n only [11n only transmission speed is 108Mbps -600Mbps];

4. Please confirm whether the entered Wi-Fi password is correct, and pay attention to whether there are spaces before and after the Wi-Fi account or password and whether there are capitalization issues. And it is best to use English letters or Arabic numerals. It may not recognize characters in some languages.

5. Wi-Fi needs to turn on the broadcast, it cannot be set to be hidden, and make sure that the mobile phone is using the 2.4G Wi-Fi frequency band to add the device (check whether the 2.4G frequency band and the 5G frequency band are shared as a Wi-Fi account, if so, it is recommended to modify for a different account, and change to the network in the 2.4G frequency band when configuring the network);

6. Make sure that the DHCP service is enabled on the router. If it is not enabled, the IP address will be occupied;

7. Please check whether the device is normally powered on and turned on, and at the same time make sure that the device is in the correct state to be connected to the network.

8. If you are using iOS 14 and above, please confirm that you have enabled the local network permission and wireless data permission of the App;

9. If it prompts that the device has been bound to another account during the binding process, please unbind the device according to the instructions on the page and then add it again;

10. Please confirm that the network environment where the device is located has a strong and stable signal. Troubleshooting method: Download the network speed measurement app (make sure the phone is connected to a 2.4Ghz network), place your phone in the same location as the device, and then test the network upload and download speed of the location (make sure the speed is at least: upload ≥ 2 MB /s, download ≥ 2 MB/s or upload ≥ 16 Mbps, download ≥ 16 Mbps), the smart camera device occupies a large amount of upstream bandwidth, and at least 4M upstream bandwidth (0.5MB/s, 4Mbps) is required for 1080p image quality, if Your device has enabled the cloud storage function, and additional 2M upstream bandwidth is required; please confirm that your network has sufficient network bandwidth;

11. If the network is normal, but the network configuration of the device fails, please confirm whether the router is overloaded. You can try to turn off the Wi-Fi function of a device to clear the channel for reconfiguration;

12. If the router enables wireless MAC address filtering, you can try to move the device out of the router's MAC filtering list to ensure that the router does not prohibit the device from being connected to the Internet, or disable MAC address filtering.

If the above situations have been ruled out and your device is still unable to connect to the Internet, you can provide us with an APP account, and we will arrange for professional engineers to conduct in-depth investigations for you.